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Our Impact

Force for Good

We believe that business, technology, and data can be forces for good. Our goal is to account for all stakeholders in designing and implementing our solutions. We define stakeholders to be our employees, customers, the local and global community, the environment, and future generations.

Social Good

Payload Networks has partnered with B1G1, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that enables companies to embed social impact in everyday business operations. We utilize everyday interactions with our customers to prompt giving opportunities to make having an impact a daily (or even minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour) event.


Payload Networks seeks to reduce or completely eliminate environment impact from our business operations. We measure our environmental impact in the following ways:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicular and air travel

  • EPEAT ratings of purchased products

Because Payload Networks is a remote-first workplace, we have no offices which allow us to monitor energy usage or utilize renewable energy sources.

Payload Networks heavily utilizes cloud services. Our strategy for reducing wasted energy in our cloud environment consists of the following goals:

  • Reduce or eliminate non-business hour cloud service utilization through automation

  • Right-size all cloud solutions to ensure we are only able to consume what we need to consume

  • Ensure that the cloud services we utilize have strong sustainability plans and net-zero carbon emissions where possible.


Sustainability In Three Metrics

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